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Kaj van Leeuwen

Freelance user experience research, strategy and OPS, design, training (foto: deelnemers aan training customer journey mapping voor UX Academy)

Without Kaj's commitment and engagement we would not be at the level of maturity we reached so far. I am happy to recommend Kaj to any team eager to mature and grow with Design Research practice in house.

Bernardo van de SchepopHead of Design at LeasePlan

Hi! My name is Kaj,

Since 2010 I am working freelance to create or improve user experiences. Aiming to create a sustainable connection between business goals and end user needs. Projects take place in partnership with agencies and businesses. Focus varies from (ux) design research to guiding teams to ux design.

I like to make things work well. In collaboration with teams to envision, create and improve organisations’ products and services that drive positive change and that let people experience them as meaningful, attractive and easy to use.
Since 2000 various roles, teams, and companies are part of my experience. Ranging from hands-on User research, Service design and UX design roles to guiding teams and individuals. Clients are businesses and agencies – big and small – freelancers, startups, knowledge platforms and (international) established organisations. Among them: AKO, BookChoice, Cirkelstad, Clockwork, DLVR., KPN, Leaseplan, Mattmo, Mirabeau (Cognizant), Netivity IC&S, Obvion Hypotheken, Philips Design, Robeco, ..STBY…, Van Ditmar Boekenimport, Wolters Kluwer (Basecone).

My preference goes out to a working environment where human-centered design, co-creation and an agile mindset are defaults to make things better. For the user of the service, the organisation and the world. Small steps without losing the big picture.

My interests are in

  • Healthcare, public services, education and other products and services that positively influence peoples lives.
  • Combinations of guiding teams and envisioning and delivering services, using expertise in research, design, design (team) management, research ops, service design and strategy.
  • Services that connect the real and the digital world.
  • Organisations that step up to the social and environmental challenges we face and take action.

If you’re looking for a person who can organize and lead while being a team player, plan a coffee with Kaj.

Arnold van ItersonLead UX at LeasePlan

When you need help to envision, create or improve your service by focussing on the customers point of view, feel free to contact me. I can tell you about relevant projects, experiences, goals and outcomes.